If you still have issues, please contact us at support@hornedsungem.org

About Device
Q: Does the Horned Sungem support the training model?
A: The Horned Sungem only supports inference networks and does not support model training.
Q: How do I load my trained model on a Horned Sungem?
A: Can use NCSDKV1's model conversion tool, no need to buy a calculation stick.
Q: Can the Horned Sungem change the camera?
A: Currently, there is no support for replacing the camera, but you can talk about business cooperation for customization.
Q: Does the Horned Sungem have a master control system?
A: Horned Sungem is a USB slave device and does not have a master control system.
Q: Does the Horned Sungem support the neural network of voice?
A: Horned Sungem is an artificial intelligence vision suite that only supports convolutional neural networks(CNN).
Q: No Device Found?
A: Do the following check:
  • Check if the device line is connected correctly
  • Check if the operating environment is properly configured
  • Horned Sungem hardware version A.1 or above, observable running indicator, if it is not lit, there may be insufficient power supply or need to re-burn firmware
  • Virtual machine user
    • Set USB compatibility to USB 3.0
    • Check if VMWare Tools is installed
    • Check if it is connected to the virtual machine (non-host)
  • Linux user
    • Check if the 99-hornedsungem.rules file exists in the /etc/udev/rules.d directory
    • Whether the lsusb command can see the following words:
      • 03e7:f63b OK
      • 1337:8868 Please re-burn the firmware
      If you do not see the above words, do other checks...
Python API FAQs
Q: SungemSDK-Python and SungemSDK have installation scripts, are there any order requirements?
A: The SungemSDK-Python installation script internally installs SungemSDK and only needs to execute the SungemSDK-Python installation script.
Q: Failed to allocate graph to device, please try to re-plug the device
A: Usually caused by not closing the device properly from the last application. Please try reconnecting the device.
Q: OpenCV Error: Assertion failed ... in CvtHelper...
A: Please try **print(image)** to ensure the existence of the image.
Raspberry Pi FAQs
Q: Lack of power supply to the Raspberry Pi, causing the Horned Sungem to run unstable.
A: Can use USB-HUB with external power supply. If the Horned Sungem hardware version A.1 or higher, an additional power supply port can also be used.
Q: Configuring the environment on the Raspberry Pi always fails.
A: Consider replacing the image source of apt and pip, or burn the raspberry pie image we provide.
Q: When the Raspberry Pi compiles the source code, the memory is exhausted and the compilation is forced to be interrupted.
A: Modify the swap partition size