Quick Start

Horned Sungem has supported loading multiple models.
Please update to use the latest SDK and upgrade your device with the latest firmware.

Getting Development Kit

You can find the development kit you need by visiting our Github page.

The way to get the development kit and installation instructions can be found on the GitHub page of each development kit.

Raspberry Pi users can burn images:

> BaiduYun (Password:k1x6)
> Dropbox

Take SungemSDK-Python as an example:
SungemSDK is added to SungemSDK-Python as a submodule, so you can get the development kit by the following command:

# '--recursive' will automatically initialize and update each submodule
git clone --recursive https://github.com/HornedSungem/SungemSDK-Python.git 

# --------------- OR ---------------

git clone https://github.com/HornedSungem/SungemSDK-Python.git
cd SungemSDK-Python
git submodule update --init --recursive # Initialize and update submodules

The directory structure of SungemSDK-Python obtained is as follows:

├── SungemSDK   # git submodule
├── examples    # example programs
├── hsapi       # API Package 'haspi'
└── installer   # Installation script

Take Ubuntu as an example:

cd installer/Linux/Ubuntu
./install.sh tuna # tuna: pip installation using Tsinghua mirror source

Getting Started

Take SungemSDK-Python as an example:
Before running the sample program, you need to download the required resources from SungemSDK-GraphModels and copy them to the corresponding folder of the project.

SungemSDK-GraphModels/graphs -> examples/graphs
SungemSDK-GraphModels/misc   -> examples/misc
  • graphs: Store built-in CNN model files. Modifying/Moving files will cause some APIs to fail.
  • misc: Store images, tag data or other sundries.

Then you can run the example program.。

cd examples/apps/Hello2018
python3 Hello2018.py

# Hello
# 2
# 0
# 1
# 8

Working Mode:

1. Use the Horned Sungem built-in camera as a neural network input:

┌               ┐       ┌               ┐
  Horned Sungem   -----   Master Device 
└               ┘       └               ┘

2. Load a picture or camera image into a Horned Sungem as a neural network input:
┌               ┐       ┌               ┐      ┌      ┐
  Horned Sungem   -----   Master Device  -----  Camera
└               ┘       └               ┘      └      ┘

Firmware Upgrade

You can find the firmware upgrade file on our Github Releases page.

The firmware upgrade program is currently located in SungemSDK-Python.
Please ensure that the running environment is installed and configured before execution.

cd SungemSDK-Python/hsapi/upgrade
python3 upgrade.py -f filePath # filePath is the path to the firmware upgrade file.