Product list

  • Horned Sungem device
  • User Manual
  • Type-C cable

System Support

Currently support Ubuntu, CentOS, Fedora, TK1, MacOS, Raspbian operating systems.

Hardware Parameters

ProcessorInterl Movidius MA245X CNN Acceleration Chip
Memory512 MB
Data InterfaceType-C USB 3.0
Camera Resolution1920x1080 or 640x360
Power Consumption<3W
Product Specifications63x33x38mm


  1. Remove the anti-static package of the Horned Sungem.
  2. USB Type-C (small end) connected to the Horned Sungem.
  3. USB Type-A (big end) connected to the pc or raspberry pi.
  4. Visit our GitHub page to install Horned Sungem development tools as needed.

Hardware version description



The A.0 version uses USB Type-C interface, and support the USB 3.0 protocol. The camera module is connected via CSI interface. The stereo camera interfaces are reserved on both sides to implement the slam algorithm and stereoscopic vision system in the future.



Compared to A.0, the A.1 version and A.2 version remove the stereo camera interface on both sides, install 4 LED indicators, and add the MicroUSB interface to provide extra power for the device.

Description of the 4 LED indicators, as shown from top to bottom:

  • power indicator
  • temperature indicator, frequency will be throttled down when the temperature is greater than 80°C
  • CNN indicator for the running of neural-network
  • Queuing indicator for the input of neural-network